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Halló there --

and takk for being my new best friend.

I look forward to having you as a friend, and maybe sending you emails once in a while telling you about my places and my people, and the things that happening on me.

(Don't worry, I am not the kind of clingy friend who is always sending you messages when you just want some peace and quiet. And if you ever want to stop being friends, I am very uncomplicated about it. You just click a link and poof.)

** A nice picture of me **

Here is a picture of me that my friend Helga made with her hands and a fancy machine. She made it to show you where my places are.

A map of me to show you where my places are
As you can see, she drew some very big red fish on the picture to make it look nicer. Some people may find this scary, but don’t worry: my fish are not really this big.

(Also, you don’t have to worry about the smoke. My volcano has stopped erupting now, so the smoke on the picture is not real.)

** I am all over the place **

I am very old, but I am new to this Inter-net. The people who help me with it thought it would be a good idea for me to use it to make friends and talk to them.






My Blog

Bless bless for now,

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… because once upon a time you asked it to do it. It's the truth, Ruth.

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