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Iceland Wants to Be Your Friend

Halló humans on the Inter-net.

My name is Iceland. I am an island, full of mountains and glaciers and hot water and sheep and many nice Icelandic people, who like to make music, and who are sometimes cold.

(Maybe you have seen me on your tele-visions, or your Inter-net.)

I have heard that many humans use the Inter-net to make friends, and to talk about themselves. I decided to do this, too.

I stay put in the middle of the ocean, but here are my Inter-nets for you to klikk on with your mouse or your finger:

*** Would You Like to Be My Friend? ***

I know you are probably very busy doing important things, but if you want to be my friend, you can.

Iceland for Kids

I promise that nothing bad will happen to you.

See you soon,

If you would like to tell your friends about me, you can:

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