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30 September 2010

Halló my friend,

This is Iceland. I have heard that many of my friends (maybe you are one of them) wonder about how an island like me can write them an email.

They ask me "How big is your key-board?" and "Do you use your Westfjörds to type?"

They do not understand it, but here is.

** Here is another hand-made picture of me **

Many people like to draw pictures of me. My friend Kai, who is fourteen years old, made this one with his hands, for you to look at with your eyes.

A picture of me made by Kai

On his picture you can see many things. For example, some of my mountains and a sheep and a puffin and my Geysir and a waterfall and my volcano and a fish and a lopapeysa, and many other good things that you can see for yourself when you visit me.

(Have you made a picture of me? Or do you want to tell me a story? You can. Just make an email with your hands and send it to me. A good person who helps me on my inter-nets will read it, and maybe even reply, if she isn't very, very tired.)

** You can go around me in circles **

It is true that I am much bigger than you are.

People can probably walk around you very quickly, but it would take them a very, very long time to walk around me.

Most of them prefer to drive around me, and that is why my people used their hands and machines to make a big road that goes in a circle around me.

(I have heard that many of you think you must go clockwise around me, but this is not true. There is no wrong way to do it, only right ways.)

This summer, two nice men called Nick and Pete visited me and decided to bicycle around in me in very tight trousers. (They are very brave men.)

They did it to collect money to help children. They are still collecting, and if you want to help them, I know they will be very grateful.

It took them many days, and at the end they were very, very tired. But when they had stopped being tired, they talked about it here, on this blog about me.

I really think you should tell your friends
about me, if they are not too busy and important:
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** You can ask me things on the Twitter **

The people who help me with my inter-nets (they are very clever) have told me that many famous humans use "the Twitter" to talk to other humans, and tell them how great they are, and answer their questions.

They said that even though I am not a human and only an island, I should do this too.

And that is what I did.

So if you would like to ask me a question on the Twitter, you can. (Don't worry, I am always very polite.)

See you soon,

P.S. Have you decided where to go next in a flying machine? Maybe you can visit me. I have space for you.

I stay put in the North-Atlantic, but you can also find me here:






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