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Happy new year my friend,

I am sorry that I did not write you any emails wishing you happy holidays, but I knew you would be too busy preparing for them.

I have also been busy preparing holidays, but for next summer. Then, many people will arrive in flying machines to visit me and my places. (Maybe you will be one of them.)

** Margrét's pan-cakes are good for you **

Margrét is a very clever human.
I have heard that humans like to eat very much during their holidays, until they have to stop because they don't fit into their trousers anymore.

But if you are still hungry (and fit into your trousers) here is a moving picture that my friend Margrét made to show you how to make good Icelandic pönnukökur.

(They are maybe not as good for you as my plokkfiskur, but they are still very good for you.)

** You can walk all over me **

Many people like to go around me in auto-mobiles and bicycles. Some of them do it "clock-wise", others do it "counter-clock-wise". (Then they sometimes meet in the middle of me.)

Others, like Christopher and Alastair (on the picture with me in the background), do not like to do what most people do. They thought it would be better to walk over my middle, from my north to my south.

For twenty-five days they walked all over me, and sailed in my rivers. They also took many still and moving pictures, and they got hungry, and recited poems and sang songs.

And if you want to know more about that, you can just klikk hér.

I know your friends are very busy and important,
but I still think you should tell them about me.
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** My places are on the "Four-square" **

As you know, I have many good places for you to see with your eyes, and walk on with your feet.

(If you are an acro-bat you can also walk on them with your hands.)

Many of my friends on the Inter-nets like to visit my places, and that is why the nice people on the "Four-square" helped me make a page for you to "check" into them. If your do that, then maybe I can tell you interesting things about them.

And that is that.

See you soon,

P.S. I know you need a flying machine to visit me, but you only need a klikk to vote for me.

I stay put in the North-Atlantic, but you can also find me here:






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